How To Use Your Genuine Estate Web Site To Improve Referrals

Do have a real estate website or a bill that comes in every month? There is a difference between the two. One generates leads for you that turn into sales each and every month and the other is a very expensive business card that you pay for each and every month that maybe generates 1 closed sale for you every year that you probably would have received anyway. If your website isn’t generating enough leads to close 2 sales a month every month you have a bill and not a real estate website. Your website needs to generate at least 50 leads that you can turn into 2 sales a month every month.

In closing, rehabbing houses can offer a huge return, but also be a lot of work. You might make money, you might loose money. I offer a Mastery Fast Track Program for serious investors that offer a full rehabbing system and unlimited support throughout the process. You will more than make up for the cost with the money you save on the very first rehab. It’s critical to have a highly experienced partner on your side that can walk you through the process, that you can lean on anytime.

Now, this is where “geo targeting” comes in to play. A professional pay per click marketer would never use the phrase “REAL ESTATE” for your pay per click campaign. Imagine all the people on the internet that type in “real estate” everyday. Your ad would show thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of times per day to people who are not searching for real estate in your area. Some of them will click on your ad costing you money.

The second kind is a private lender, someone that loans their money out secured by a property. These are the ones you want. How to find the good ones? Call them and introduce yourself, explain that you are a real estate investor coming across a wealth of high-ROI secure low-LTV real estate deals and in search of short-term mortgage financing from private individuals to get the deals done.

For people who are interested in purchasing a new home, there are a number of resources available on the internet that they can use. Let’s say I was interested in buying a Plano property. I could quickly get onto the internet and look for a number of tools that I could use to help me find the kind of home that I’m looking for.

Take some time out to browse through different our website. It is a good idea to make a list of things that you look for before you start your search.

Write down everything that’s spent: Many people can’t really tell you where they spent all the money that used to be in their wallet at the end of a week or even a day. A coffee here and a burger there may not seem like much, but it all adds up to an empty wallet. It can be illuminating to write down each expenditure for a week or two and add it all up. You may be shocked to find that you dropped forty dollars at Starbucks last week. Plug those leaks and you may have more cash than you thought.

Do you have an up-to-date Great Real Estate Agent WebSystem in your marketing budget for next year? A great tool for planning out your next year is Coach Cheri’s Real Estate Business Planning Guide. This is a 14 part eCourse developed by Real Estate Business Success Coach Cheri Alguire that will walk you through all of the steps to make next year a fruitful and smart year for your business. I recommend that you take a look at this winning system to get a jump start to a successful new year!

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